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What type of claim are you filing?

Were you wrongfully terminated through no act of your own? Were you asked to do something that was contrary to your beliefs and were fired for standing up for yourself?
Were you discriminated against at your job for your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identification, or physical handicap?
Did your employer pay you as a 1099 contractor but also require set hours? Were you not offered a full lunch hour and paid breaks? Were you offered stock options in lieu of a fair and honest wage?
Did you feel harassed because of your gender, sexual orientation or sexual identification? Did you ever feel uncomfortable in the office or not allowed to participate because of your gender?
Were you fired for reporting a safety violation or issuing a complaint to human resources? Or as retaliation for trying to do the right and moral thing?
Were you forced to work in a hostile environment that conflicted with your morals, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation?
Were you terminated because you were not able to fulfill a job requirement because of a physical or mental disability or was proper access not available (such as a wheelchair ramp or lack of stairs)?
Were you fired after taking or requesting maternity leave or are you currently pregnant and lost your job?

US Law Prohibits Employee Discrimination


We Fight For Employee Rights

Businesses are LEGALLY REQUIRED to follow specific employment LAWS that the state uses to PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS as an employee. If you have UNPAID WAGES or have fell victim to SEXUAL HARASSMENT, DISCRIMINATION, or WRONGFUL TERMINATION, apply online TODAY! It’s 100% FREE to apply and attorneys are standing by!
If your rights were violated, you may be due FINANCIAL COMPENSATION. See if you qualify TODAY! HELP ENFORCE the law and PROTECT the RIGHTS of former coworkers by reporting your employer now! Applying is simple and FREE. In minutes, EXPERT LAWYERS could be fighting for your COMPENSATION!