Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal)

Sexual harassment in workplace is becoming a more common issue these days and has turned to be a dismay for women as the percentage of women who face harassment over men has got a major difference in figures. Women between the ages of 18 to 34 are more vulnerable to harassment in workplace. One in every three women are being sexually harassed by some form or the other in their entire career.

The major problem when it come to sexual harassment of women is workplace is that, few of the women don’t realize that they are being harassed at their workplace. According to a survey, almost sixteen percent of the women don’t understand that being subjected to sexist remarks and jokes indeed fall under sexual harassment. This ignorance comes as a set back as a number of actual sexual harassment cases go unrecognized and unreported.

“One in every three women report being sexually harassed in their career”

In most of the reported harassment cases where the victim is female, the harasser is a male. A whopping 75% of the women were harassed by their male co-workers which stands as the highest figure while 49% of the women are harassed by their male customers and male clients. Executive and higher management level male persons also fall under the statistics as they constitute 38% of the harassers. The final 10% of women were harassed by female co-workers.

Harassment of women in workplace is usually in a verbal form. If your employer or co-worker calling you and other women in your workplace any names which might be offensive, it is better for you to report the same. 81% percent of the women face verbal harassment in workplaces. While, 44% of the women have encountered unwanted sexual gestures and sexual advances. Unwanted emails and texts constitute up to 25%.

As an employer, there are 3 things you can do to stop sexual harassment of your employers. Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal.

  • Prevention :

    Clear policies have to be adopted by the company board and these policies must be transparent for the workers. The company policies must be reachable for the employees. Awareness must be created among the employees about the various laws and policies and the shield of ignorance must be broken.
  • Prohibition :

    More stringent laws must be put forward so that sexual harassment can be curbed from its very roots. Criminal cases must be filed against the harassers and the victims must be given fare and clear justice in front of the law.
  • Redressal :

    The victim must be able to escalate the issues of sexual harassment to top level management directly and the judgment must be fair and square. Most victims are intimidated of the consequences that they might face in case of reporting the harassment. This attitude must be changed and the process and procedure must be made more easy. The board must always be available for its workers at any case.

Sexual harassment is an issue that is being faced by a number of women on a daily basis all over the world. It will not be curbed unless we stand together against it.

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